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Practical Online Therapy for Busy Career Professionals & Students

Wendy Levine, LPC


I am a double-board certified, licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist with over 12+ years of experience in mental healthcare. My therapeutic work focuses on high-achieving career professionals and students looking to improve their experience of anxiety, worry, perfectionism, burnout, and exhaustion. Many of my clients come to me with difficulty striking that ever-elusive “work-life balance” and are seeking to know themselves better and develop insight into what impacts who they are and how they show up in their personal and professional lives.



Individual Therapy

Sessions are focused on meeting the goals you set for yourself. You will receive the feedback, skills, tools, and support needed to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles in your way. All therapy sessions are held online, allowing for increased flexibility and ease in fitting them into your busy schedule.


Coaching & Consulting

Coaching and Consulting sessions are goal-directed and focus on a particular area of desired improvement. I offer consulting services to therapists who are struggling with client retention, as well as to companies, universities, and training programs regarding employee, student, and trainee’s mental health and professional engagement.

What Clients Say

“Therapy can be daunting to start, but Wendy makes it such a comfortable and eye opening journey. She helped me better understand my emotions and realize my potential as an anxious young adult, and I will forever be grateful for the impact she has had on my life. This is not simply a job to her, she genuinely cares for each and every client and you will always feel seen and heard by her.”

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